Collection: The Groke

The Groke is an ominous creature whose frightening presence scares everyone wherever she goes. She turns up uninvited and rarely says anything. A chilly aura surrounds the Groke and the ground freezes beneath her.

Little is known about the Groke’s life, as she likes no one and no one really likes her. Usually, she simply stares threateningly with her round eyes and disappears as soon as she gets what she came for. Although the Moomins fear the Groke, they also pity her desperate loneliness.

The Moomins encounter the Groke for the first time in the book Finn Family Moomintroll. The Groke is also after the same King’s Ruby that the Hobgoblin is seeking. Thingumy and Bob steal the ruby, and the Groke only disappears when she is given the Hobgoblin’s hat in its place.

The Groke always travels alone. You can recognise her from her staring eyes and the long row of shining teeth under her large nose.