Moomin Mini Mugs 2013 - Under the Christmas Tree

Moomin Mini Mugs - Under the Christmas Tree 2013

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The winter season Moomin mug for 2013 is named Under the Christmas tree and symbolize the Aunt who is visiting the Moomin valley. The Moomintrolls are not really happy about the Aunt's visit and want her to go home. They tell her that they do not celebrate Christmas but when the Aunt has left the Moomin valley they celebrate secretly in the basement. However, they feel guilty and decides to go out and look for the Aunt. They find her in the woods where she has decorated her own beautiful Christmas tree. The Christmas party starts over with everyone gathered to dance around the beautiful Christmas tree and drink mulled wine.

Trademark: Arabia

Designer: Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte-Elevant

Material: Porcelain.

Height: 3 cm x Diameter: 2,5 cm

Pack of 4.