Moomin Mug - Winter Forest
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Winter Mug - Winter Forest (2012)

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Seasonal Mug for Christmas 2012

The winter in the Moomin valley this year is special: Moomins are not hibernating. Moominpappa's aunt, who is visiting the Moomin house, takes advantage of the situation and wants to teach the Moomins what Christmas is really about. The Moomins are completely unaware of the whole concept of Christmas, and thus they are not particularly happy about having to start Christmas preparations. Nevertheless, they do start preparing, each secretly from the other. Moominpappa wanders off to the forest wearing a bright red scarf, looking for a Christmas tree. By himself he ponders 'If I bring a tiny small tree to the house, I wonder if anybody can even call it a Christmas tree'. Elsewhere in the wintery forest also Little My is wandering. She has stopped a reindeer and its friends from moving on their way - as if to stop Christmas from coming. Nevertheless, when Christmas Eve arrives, the Moomin family gathers together in the basement to celebrate the new season, secretly from Moominpappa's aunt. They just do not want to admit, that after all the resistance, they became quite enchanted by the idea of celebrating Christmas after all.

Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte-Elevant
Material: Porcelain.
Volume 0,3 l.