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Who will comfort toffle
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Who Will Comfort Toffle?

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“In a children’s book there must be a path where the author stands still and the child walks on. A threat or a wonder that is never explained. A face that never shows itself entire.” Tove Jansson
 Following the success of Tove Jansson’s children’s classic, The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My, Sort Of Books is delighted to present her equally magic and universally appealing story of Toffle, a lonely, timid creature’s journey in search of friendship and confidence.
Who Will Comfort Toffle?: a tale of Moomin Valley sees Toffle driven from his home by the frightening noises of the forest. Too shy at first to approach the many colourful Moomin characters he passes along the way, he gains confidence by discovering a scared and lonely Miffle who needs his help. Toffle’s quest to save Miffle from the dreadful Groke is an inspiring tale that every child (and many adults) are sure to identify with. In Scandinavia, this is one of the most popular of Tove Jansson’s books and in the 43 years since first publication it has never once been out of print. Sophie Hannah, one of England’s most renowned and popular rhyming poets, has written a sensitive and gloriously entertaining adaptation of the text – the perfect match for Jansson’s quirky illustrations.